Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Track G: International students' learning journey

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Presenters: Salma Ibrahim, Shelia Karsan, Bob Fisher, Luciano Celini, Middlesex University

The team has given us a wonderful overview of the work they have been doing on the BA International Business Administration (BAIBA) programme. This programme is taken by students all over the world and the challenges of supporting the academic needs of such a diverse group was discussed. One of the key points highlighted was the need to recognize the power of collaboration and that students don’t learn in silos. Collaboration was also necessary on the behalf of the programme team in order to co-ordinate the input of staff from Learning Resources, the LDU, Student Achievement Advisors, and Academic Assistants. The feedback received from students showed that they appreciated all the support offered and helped them gain more confidence and improved the various skills expected from graduates in the 21st century.

Agi Ryder, CLTE

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