Monday, 25 June 2012

Presenter profile - Track F: Evangelos Moustakas

Post-Graduate Exchange Programme in US (Middlesex University in London, Loyola University Chicago)
Evangelos Moustakas
Dr Evangelos Moustakas is an expert in the area of e-Marketing and Social Media and Chair of the Special Interest Group in e-marketing at the Academy of Marketing in the UK. Evangelos holds a doctorate in e-marketing from Middlesex University, a Master of Science in e-Commerce and two Undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. He has authored over a dozen research publications and presented his work at International Conferences. He is a regular, invited columnist to several practitioner IT and Digital Technology magazines and keynote speaker at International Conferences in Europe, US and the Middle East.

His presentation at the Learning Planet Event will be delivered electronically from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.(Using a product called Adobe Connect)


  1. If someone asked me what was the most exciting and challenging part of my masters’ year I would definitely say the exchange programme with Loyola University in Chicago! Through this programme I was able to meet American students and get a taste of how they think and work due to the fact that English and American Universities have different teaching methods as well as take my e-Marketing knowledge to a different level. The highlight of my masters’ year though was the trip to Chicago for the second part of the programme. I am going to keep it short because I could go on and on about that amazing trip! It was an unforgettable experience! I had the chance to attend really useful seminars, visit important places like the world trade center, Microsoft Technology Center, Google offices and more and of course visit the amazing city of Chicago. Overall, the exchange programme gave flesh and blood to all the theory I was taught at University. I feel lucky I had the chance to attend lectures and seminars from big players from the marketing field. I hope this exchange programme continues to run because it is an educational and cultural experience that really makes a difference in someone’s developing career! Finally I want to thank Middlesex University and Loyola University for making this amazing experience happen! It is surely something nobody will forget.

    Constantinos Miliatos
    MA e-Marketing & Social Media
    BA Marketing communications

  2. Andreas Rein

    I believe the exchange programme with Loyola is the one thing i remember the most of my year at Middlesex. First of all it was a great trip, but we also learned a lot about Americans and their way of thinking in terms of marketing. For many of us we had only seen Americans in their own habitat on television, but experiencing how the marketing environment is and how the population responds to it adds so much more deoth to it all. We attended Lectures at Loyola, which was very different from what we were used to, I don't think I've heard that many four-letter-words during a lecture before, but it just proves to show the openess of the forum in which the student at Loyola were taught. The fact that the teacher spoke so freely and honest during the session kept us all alert and we were immidiatly invited to parttake in the discussion. this way we were forced to think rather than just receiving the information to process later on in the library. The exchange programme inspired my thesis, and I drew upon several of the resources obtained during my stay in chicago to finish my trip. As we were encouraged to use all what we had learnbed during the year, how could I not? A truly wonderfull experience and something I'll remember for years and years to come.

    Andreas Rein
    MA Marketing Communicatoion - class of 2010

  3. Post-Graduate Exchange Programme in US (Middlesex University in London, Loyola University Chicago) is very different from other exchange programme. It was my first exchange programme and my first visit to USA. I have learn a lot on this programme.

    Programme was very well organised, we never felt that we had any pressure on us. We went to all the top corporates of the world, such as Google, Microsoft, Wilson sports and learned their business activities and market strategy. We were exposed to all their brands and where they like to see them in coming further with there innovative products.

    I still remember one evening where we went for drinks with the professor who gave us lecture in the afternoon. I belong to Land of India where we have distance with our professor and we always have a line drawn in between. But I was surprised the and i could not find the lines between the professor and students, were we get freedom to know the professor as a person and it inspired me in my real life experience.

    Before this programme i was very reserved person and was not away Marketing operation in USA, but when i finish my programme i was very confident and was very positive with my approach in marketing field.

    Last but not least I must NO ONE else can do justice to this programme smooth functioning apart from a DR. EVANGELOS MOUSTAKAS. He is a true friend come mentor to my after my Eduction under his guidelines.

    This is the only programme where you get free tour of the city with the best tour guide of the city along with the lectures in the Loyola University.

    Sunny Surani
    MA Marketing Communication 2010 Batch.
    Vice President Activities and Communication 2009-2010.

  4. The Exchange graduate programme organised by Middlesex University, London and the Loyola University, Chicago is one of its kind. It was truly an amazing learning experience, a very good exposure to the new avenues of knowledge and also a total reciprocity and interaction between different cultures all together. The lectures and seminars in Loyola were organised by the subject experts were very interactive and thought provoking. I was amazed by the way the students, who had more practical experience in whatever subject they were being taught, interrelated in the sessions. The classrooms appeared as a place of bilateral interaction, debates and discussions along with lot of fun filled activities. It definitely gave me a good insight into the subject and I used a lot of it into my research and thesis thereafter. It was not just classes alone as there was a proper blend of fun time as well. The parties, basket ball matches, clubs, trade centre visit, Illinois university visit, the musicals and all in frozen Chicago was indeed memorable. I consider myself very luck y to be a part of this wonderful programme. I also feel that it is a great initiative from Middlesex University and I should thank Prof. Evangeloes Moustakas for organising and creating such a wonderful opportunity. I also wish that more of such programmes come in the future and suggest everyone not to miss the opportunity. I had an amazing time...So why don’t you find it yourself?