Friday, 22 June 2012

Presenter profile - Track I: Nosheen Rachel-Naseem

Enhancing our students' experiences with a Student Exchange

Nosheen Rachel-Naseem, Student Exchange Manager

Nosheen Rachel-Naseem
Nosheen Rachel-Naseem is a PhD student at Middlesex, currently at the writing up stage of her thesis on the introduction of student peer mentoring to Universities in Pakistan. Nosheen is also the Student Exchanges manager for the University. After completing her Masters in Chemistry at the University of the Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan, she taught Chemistry at O and A level at Lahore Grammar School, as well as teaching Science Education at Ali Institute of Education to pre- and in-service teachers. She joined Middlesex to take a Masters in Education: Leadership, Management and Change, after which she began her PhD in the School of Arts and Education. Inspired by the effectiveness of peer-mentoring in UK HE and after experience as a mentor with the Aimhigher and Student Associate Schemes here at Middlesex, she developed her PhD project with the aim of bringing these benefits to HE in Pakistan where such schemes to enhance student support were non-existent.

Through her work in international education, and especially in the student exchange area, she has gained considerable expertise in both the principles and the practice of student mobility in higher education. As one of the presenting team on the topic of student exchange as an enhancement of the student HE experience, she will bring detailed knowledge of the benefits of this cost-effective and highly valued strategy for enriching the lives of students, for increasing employability for those taking part in exchanges, and in the benefits to the University of supporting a much expanded scheme of student exchange at Middlesex, particularly as the 2020 target approaches for 20% participation of all HE students across the EU in cross-border student mobility.

Nosheen’s research interests are: The emotional and social development of young people, including counselling and student needs in specific cultures; Comparative analysis of student support services in higher educational institutions in developed countries and their implementation in developing countries. Management of change and measuring the impact of change in educational institutions in developing countries through action research. Management in Education for Sustainable Futures and Global Citizenship. Policy and Practice, Learning and Teaching in Science Education.

Information on the student exchange programme at Middlesex can be found here

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