Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Presenter profile - Track G: Luciano Celini

International Students' Learning Journey

Luciano Celini, Senior Lecturer in Academic Writing and Language, Learner Development Unit.
Luciano Celini
Luciano joined Middlesex University in 2009 as a lecturer in English for Academic Purposes. Since then, he has taught in-sessional Academic Writing and Language in the Business School, the School of Art & Design and the School of Health & Social Sciences. Earlier this year, Luciano was appointed Coordinator of Academic Writing and Language for the Business School.

Special interests: Luciano is particularly interested in the relationship between technology and pedagogy in writing instruction, and has been involved in various projects developing online academic writing materials for the Learner Development Unit at Middlesex University. Luciano is also interested in professional writing instruction in higher education. He is currently researching the use of professional writing simulations in undergraduate Business School programmes.

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